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Emmanuel Madu

Pärnu, Tõnismäe, Akadeemia, Hipodroomi

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and health-fitness professional. I will make you reach your goal and change your life style to reveal the power of your body. You’ll feel more confident in your daily life and see your progress step by step. No matter your age or if you’re a gym beginner, intermediate or advanced experienced athlete, I will assist you in:

- Losing weight & burning fat
- Building muscle, mass and stay fit
- Strength training
- Cardio training and endurance
- High and low intensity training
- Fitness training plan
- Nutrition / Meal plan

As an athlete and former professional football player I have lot of experiences in sports, mobility movement, agility, flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, skills, stability, etc.

My whole life has been about practicing sports. I have passion and love for fitness. My main focus is to help you in reaching your fitness goal, transform your body to be physically fit. Age is just a number, be persistent in your workout and you’ll feel young for ever.

My motto is: “You are stronger than you think!”.

Contact are:
IG: emanak20
Phone: 58313793