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Bodypump 60 min Les Mills concept training BODYPUMP® is a strength and stamina training performed with music in the background. Bars, extra weights and stepping platforms are used during the training. All of the major muscle groups are trained during the one-hour bar training. You can adjust the amount of weights placed on the bar. This makes the training suitable for everyone and increasing weights makes it developing by stimulating the body to achieve increasingly better results.


Belly-back-buttock – a lesson that concentrates on muscle workouts and mostly involves back muscles, abdominals, gluteus and to some extent other muscle groups. The workout begins with a short and simple warmup. Dumbbells, stepping platforms, fitballs, rubber belts and other instruments are used. The lesson ends with stretching exercises.


This workout begins with an aerobic part which maintains the pulse in the fat burn zone. No difficult stepping combinations are made. The workout constitutes of muscle training that varies with aerobic parts which involve lighter weights and stepping platform. The training ends with slight stretching. The Fatburn workout is suitable for everyone who seek to improve stamina and form beautiful muscles.


The training begins with an introduction which presents the exercises and techniques for performing them. This workout is suitable for both beginners and advanced. Loads can be easily adjusted according to physical capabilities and goals. The workout will tone up the muscles and improve general physical condition. The main part of the workout is performed in so-called stations by doing exercises for upper and lower parts of body during one minute and then moving along to the next station. During the training session 10–12 exercises and 2-3 rounds shall be performed. The workout ends with stretching exercises for all muscle groups that were trained.

Gym ABC 

Training for newbies of the gym who are not certain how to use the cardio equipment and machines. The trainer will instruct on how to build up an efficient gym workout!


Training performed using the stepping platform. The training session begins with a warmup, an easy combination on the stepping platform and the second half of the session will use various instruments for muscle training (dumbbells, weights, mats, etc.). The training is suitable for everyone as the weights in the muscle training part can be selected by yourself. The stepping training is effective in burning calories and is good for your heart. 


Gymstick is a safe training instrument that stops you from doing the exercises the wrong way and this makes it very effective. The training will progress from simpler to more complex exercises and all major muscle groups will be trained during the workout. There are no complex stepping combinations in the Gymstick workout and it is suitable for both men and women regardless of the level of physical performance. Each user can select suitable load according to the stiffness of the Gymstick. The green are lighter and black are heavier. The training is done using sports footwear.


This is a Latin American styled emotional dance fitness programme. Zumba is based on three or four main movements which are easily imitated and to which various dance or fitness elements are added. ZUMBA® is suitable for everyone, even to those who have no previous experience with dancing or aerobics. A Zumba lesson is a real party within yourself and not just a dull workout.

The Zumba workout develops stamina, effectively burns calories, makes you smile and your hips move! 
Previous dance experience is not important.


YOGAFUNC 60 min is a fitness yoga lesson with background music, based on the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga techniques (asana, breathing and vinyasa). This is not a traditional yoga lesson, but a fun and effective workout. The lesson is for everyone who wishes to try yoga without going deep into traditional yoga. One program lasts for 3 months. By doing YOGAFUNC you become stronger, improve flexibility and balance, become more aware of your body and will leave the lesson with a certainly positive charge.


55 min

bodyART 55 min is a functional body & mind workout developed by Robert Steinbacher and whose exercises are influenced by yoga, physiotherapy, various oriental martial arts and common strength exercises. There is no difficult choreography in the training and no difficult stepping combinations will be made. BodyART increases muscle strength and stamina at the same time and releases your senses and inner energy. 
While a normal strength training focuses on each muscle group separately, then bodyART training treats the human as a functional unit where exercises that train the whole body are combined with classic breathing techniques into a whole. Several exercises train balance and thereby bring the centre of the body to focus. This workout is done barefoot or in socks and wearing comfortable sports clothes. It is suitable for fans on all levels and both for men and women.


55 min

Bodybalance 55 min Les Mills concept training BODYBALANCE® is a harmonic combination of yoga, tai chi and Pilates. Complete concentration, right breathing and a careful selection of exercises trains your strength, balance and mobility, and all this is done with gentle music in the background. The workout gives a very good load on our core muscles, both through exercises and good posture. The combination of techniques and movements offers a physical workout, at the same time we feel inner peace and harmony.


55 min

Pilates 55 min – the main goal of the Pilates system is to strengthen core muscles, stabilise the spine and achieve physical and mental balance. Exercises are performed with slower speed and by sensing one’s body. The correct techniques of the exercises, vocabulary and body positions are taught. The principles of Pilates are concentration, control, correct breathing and precision and smoothness of movements.


30 min

A 30-minute-long and effective stretching workout which requires previous individual warmup on cardio machines or previous participation in one of the group trainings. The workout is suitable for everyone seeking to improve flexibility and restore the elasticity and length of muscles.


A varied body-workout using different equipment, weights can be chosen according to your fitness level. Functional exercises for the entire body! Through which we develop muscle resistance, balance, and mobility. Varied lessons give a good workload. Exercise ends with relaxing exercises.


Classic shaping - a training system for women suitable for both beginners and advanced trainers. The workout ensures a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing feminine body, a good shape, and an ever better feeling. Exercises for thighs + buttocks + waist + abdominal muscles and shoulders/upper back. Aerobic exercise, 80% of the time on the ground. 

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic yoga style where breathing and movement are synchronized. Through Vinyasa workouts, muscle performance improves, the body becomes more flexible, strength, and balance increases. The class starts with tuning and warm-up. We then go through greetings of the Sun to the main part of the class where we perform the exercises in standing, sitting, and we make deep forward and backward bends, test the balance and learn interesting positions. The class gives the body a pleasant load, also focusing on training body muscles. The physical part of the class helps to prepare you for the final relaxation (approx. 10 min) performed at the end of the class, when we learn to calm the body and mind through practice.

The class gives your body a physical load and combining positions with conscious breathing calms the nervous system. Vinyasa Yoga is suitable for beginners as well as advanced yoga enthusiasts, as the positions have many variations, so you can choose your level of difficulty and follow your body's abilities.

The class takes place barefoot or in socks. Clothing - comfortable/sporty. Bring drinking water with you.


AeroFight - Excellent intense boxing type workout with energetic music. The workout develops well the entire body's endurance and coordination.  The class is suitable for both men and women and does not require any prior knowledge of martial arts.

Combination of kicks, strikes, chops, etc., are performed to enrapturing music. Come release your emotions and burn a lot of calories! 


A light structured workout involving the entire body. The class begins with the moving part and is followed by muscle exercises. Well suited for beginners!


Pilatesfunc is an energetic and FUN pilate-based workout that combines music and discipline to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles in particular and to develop muscle flexibility and balance.


This workout works effectively across the entire body. There is more emphasis on strengthening the abdominal muscles, but also on training the back muscles. The workout begins with a warm-up followed by muscle training and ends with stretching. The class lasts 30 minutes and is perfect also for beginners!


Gym training is a workout in the gym that focuses primarily on shaping your body through the improvement of strength indicators and the performance of technical exercises. In gym training, we focus on training different areas of the body (legs, back, upper body and abdomen)
Gym training is suitable for those who like to work out in the gym with big weights.


Want to change your body? But you don't know how ... We will help you!

BodyTransform is a mid-level workout that combines muscle training with cardio. It is a general physical interval training, during which a lot of fat is burned, muscles of the whole body are formed, and muscle endurance is increased. There are different exercise equipment - dumbbells, a barbell or discs, but many exercises are also performed with the weight of your own body. Workouts begin with a warm-up followed by the work section and end with a relaxing stretch. The workout is suitable for both beginner and the advanced fitness enthusiasts as the participant also provide easier alternatives to the harder exercises. In this way, the participant can adjust the intensity of the training according to his/her training level and feeling. The entire body will get a good load and regularity ensures fast, visible results!

Füsioteraapiline treening

Physiotherapeutic workout - As the name implies, this low-intensity workout focuses mainly on training/strengthening the body's foundations, the deep muscles, and muscle attachments, which improve both the posture and the ability of joints to withstand more loads. The workout is suitable for laying the foundation of the whole body as well as for maintaining the general tone of the body and improving the movement of the joints during the period of recovery from trauma.


BodyCombat is an efficient interval training imitating oriental martial arts. Both hand and foot strikes are used, a strong emphasis is on the body muscles that are constantly working during the strikes. Here you can try Kick-boxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung-fud, or "dance" to Brazilian rhythms in Capoeira style. The class begins with a warm-up followed by a cardio or martial section - a cross-section of various martial arts. The class ends with the training of body muscles on the mat and stretching. 

BodyCombat is an efficient fat burner that can burn up to 740 kcal per hour. It reduces stress, improves coordination, increases stamina, and develops speed, strength, and muscle endurance. The workout is suitable for both beginner and the advanced fitness enthusiasts as the coach also provides easier alternatives to the harder exercises. BodyCombat is varied, basic combinations can be acquired within 3-4 times. The same plan is used for 3 months, which gives you time to comfortably master the movements and get the most out of them


Kõht-selg-käed / Abdomen-back-arms 

The workout focuses on strengthening the arms and body muscles. The class begins with a light warm-up, followed by muscle exercises. Various tools are used. 

Hiit+kõhueri / heat+belly

High-intensity interval and middle body training. The workout starts with a short warm-up. This is followed by workout sessions, during which various cardio exercises and exercises focused on the middle part of the body are performed.

The exercises are performed at full power in 45-60 second increments, with recovery pauses in between. Despite the high intensity, the workout is also suitable for a less fit person because the exercises can be performed at a pace that suits you. During the workout, the coach always shows two variations of the exercises (lighter/harder), which allows the participant to find the most suitable choice.

Exercises are performed with your own weight or using exercise equipment. The class ends with a short stretch.

Strong Nation

Strong Nation is a high-intensity strength-cardio-plyometric workout in one, built on original workout music and using only your body weight, involving the whole body. In class, we do squats, arm bends, astronauts, and foot and hand strokes typical of martial arts. The workout is suitable for both beginners and advanced, during which the coach provides both lighter and more difficult variations. (Dangerous! Men like it too!)

The class starts with a warm-up, followed by 4 main parts:
Q1 – FIRE UP! A low-intensity part, with the challenge of arm bends embedded in it, plus, we also give a full workout to our legs.
Q2 – IGNITE! The intensity increases, the pulse rises, that is, we make jumps, punches, and make our legs and feet work fast.
Q3 – PUSH YOUR LIMITS! An intensive part where the pulse is high and the effort is strong, i.e., there we give our maximum.
Q4 – FLOORPLAY! We do different muscle exercises involving all body muscles.
The main parts are connected by short recovery parts, and we end the workout with a calm stretch.

All you need is water, a workout towel, and a willingness to test yourself!
Come to the workout; we will become strong, fast, and tenacious together!


FitBody is an effective interval training with a combination of exercises to increase muscle tone and burn fat. The workout is accessible for different levels of workout enthusiasts, as the load levels can be adjusted personally.
Come for a workout and start creating your next summer bikini body!


It is a system of stretching, massage, and relaxation exercises originating from Japan. The goal is to release the body and mind from the physical and emotional tensions that have accumulated there. The class is calm. You will participate at your own pace. Simple and effective stretches relax the body, provide energy and clarity of thought. Suitable for restorative training. Clothing comfortable- you will wear socks.


PowerCardio is resistance training with a higher heart rate, which was inspired by athletics exercises. The class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and requires no prior knowledge. There are also easier alternatives to the more difficult exercises, thanks to which the exerciser can adjust the difficulty of their exercise. The class includes jumps, running, movements, and strength exercises, through which speed, strength, and endurance are developed. This effective cardiovascular workout improves cardiovascular health and sleep quality and strengthens the immune system. With a decent effort, you can burn up to 700 calories in training! A little crazy, a little quirky, and extremely awesome!

Ringtrenn põnniga - Circuit Training with Your Toddler

Circuit Training with Your Toddler is a training in the format of circuit training, where the parent(s) can take their toddler(s) (up to 3-4 years old) with them, and thus there is no need to worry about finding a babysitter. The exercise is intended for the parent; as an added bonus, the child can socialize with other children and use up excess energy - a successful bedtime is guaranteed. The training is conducted by (personal) trainer Kärt Pärtel.


FaceYoga, or yoga for the face, is a set of facial exercises that are similar in nature to regular yoga done for the body.

Facial yoga is based on the principle that facial muscles can be trained just like body muscles. If you don't exercise the muscles in your body, they become weak and flabby. The same thing happens with age to the facial muscles. The face and neck have many small, interwoven muscles. One muscle moves and another immediately stretches. They respond to exercise and relaxation just as well as any other muscle in the body.

As a result of FaceYoga:

- the face becomes fresher and more toned

- wrinkles, even the deepest ones, become less noticeable

- headaches decrease or disappear completely

- improve the quality of the vision

- the skin becomes brighter and acquires a natural peach color

- face and neck skin swelling and laxity disappear

- it is possible to get rid of a double chin

- the skin relief evens out, becomes elastic and clean


JustDance! is a dance workout consisting of different styles such as JazzFunk, Salsa, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Show Dance, etc. The main task in training is to enjoy dancing and moving your body! The class consists of 5 minutes of warm-up, 40 minutes of dancing and cardio, 5 minutes of body muscles, and definitely stretching exercises at the end. No previous dance experience is necessary!


The main task of callanetics is to make the core muscles work, those that are not trained much in other exercises. These muscles are like thin cobwebs, weak and lifeless. By including them in work, you can strain the entire body in a very short time, achieve a beautiful posture and acquire a light gait


Buttlift- The training focuses on training the legs and buttocks. Various tools are used in training - bars, rubbers, balls, etc.


Stetch&tone - Muscle groups: total body musculature, trunk, and abdominal muscles.

This workout is a combination of Pilates, Yoga, and Core workouts: Gives muscular endurance training to the body muscles. Balance, strength, and stretching exercises are performed. Workout increases muscle tone and energy levels.

Intensity: medium, suitable for everyone, both beginners and advanced.

The pace is calm in training.

The class starts with a light warm-up, continues with muscle training (with your own body weight), and ends with stretching exercises.


Box & Abs is an intense general physical interval training that develops endurance, agility, speed, and strength and is an effective fat burner. The exercises of the workout include elements of Taipei, Kickboxing, and Taekwondo. During the class, foot, arm, elbow, and knee strikes are made using punching bags as an aid. A number of resistance exercises are performed, and a great emphasis is placed on exercises for the body muscles. The class ends with stretching. The Box & Abs class builds up the abs and strengthens the heart muscle, suitable for both men and women. No prior knowledge is required to participate

Beat The Time Strength

Beat The Time Strength training is built on time, 45-60 seconds of work, and 15-20 seconds of rest, respectively. There are 10-11 different exercises in one workout, and they are performed three times.

Meditatiinve Õhtujooga- Meditative evening yoga

Meditative evening yoga - A peaceful yoga class where calm and meaningful movement is synchronized with breathing to warm up the body and prepare it for longer meditation and final relaxation. Breathing exercises are always included in the class. Meditative evening yoga is very suitable as a follow-up to a stronger workout to relax the body and mind before falling asleep

Beat The Time Cardio

Beat The Time Cardio - High-intensity cardio workout. Most exercises have lighter and heavier versions, so you can easily adjust the load. The workout starts with a warm-up, followed by various exercises. Only your own body weight and the mat are used in training. There are nine exercises, and each one takes 45 seconds to complete. After completing the exercise, there is a 15-second break. A total of three rounds are performed during one workout. The class ends with a nice stretch.


Calisthenics - One of the best things about calisthenics, or bodyweight training, is its versatility. Unlike training in a gym or with a predetermined plan, where the choices of exercises are limited by machines or there is a repetitive plan from workout to workout, there are a huge number of possibilities when strength training with your own body.

Bodyweight training can be both simple and very difficult. Everything again depends on the choice of exercises. Don't worry if you are a beginner or, on the contrary, consider yourself an experienced athlete. In bodyweight training, you always have exercises that are suitable for you.

In training, we work with all the main muscle groups, the back, chest, shoulders, lower body, biceps, triceps, and stomach. Often, several muscle groups are involved in one exercise at the same time. If necessary, we use aids. We train in the form of circuit training.